Bikes and Buses are like PB & J

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What are you up to tomorrow evening? Why not support the Saskatoon cycling community and attend a screening of “A Winter of Cyclists.” Broadway Theatre – 8:30- see you there!

Lets start by talking about how great cycling is! No emission, personal means transport, door to door, available throughout the day and fast and efficient at short distances. But what about if you have an injury? What if its raining and you don’t have proper gear? What if you are caring for small children? What is you just don’t like the thought of being on two wheels? Sometimes its nice to have an alternative like taking the bus. Buses are low emission, they have a high spatial coverage and are good for long distances (in cities bigger than Saskatoon!). Along with walking, I think that together they complement each other to make the perfect network for active transportation.

How can out communities better support bikes & buses?

  • Dedicated bicycle lanes and routes
  • Dedicated bus lanes and routes
  • Connect bike routes and bus routes at integral points
  • Educating drivers and bus drivers on how to share the road with cyclists
  • Link active transportation to public transit in the form of walking or biking to the bus stops and by offering bike racks on buses
  • Provide storage for bicycles throughout the community
  • Have an integrated network of pedestrian and cycling paths that are designed for efficient transportation as well as recreation
  • Plan our cities so that they reduce the distances that people have to travel to get to where they are going
  • Encourage the retail and service sectors to support customers and employees who use active modes of transportation
  • Encourage feedback from citizens, pedestrian, bus and cycling advocacy group

How can our workplaces support bikes and buses?

  • Provide secure bicycle storage, lockers and shower facilities for employees
  • Encourage multi-modal travel by linking employees to public transit
  • Allow more flexible dress codes
  • Organize workplace challenges

How can schools support active transportation?

  • work with the municipality to identify safe routes for children while addressing safety and infrastructure barriers
  • Have teachers work with children to identify the safest routes to get to school while teaching children about traffic and pedestrian safety
  • Offer skills on bike and cycling safety
  • Work with parents and the community at large, to make the trip to school a safe trip for children and youth

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