Bus Rider Etiquette

 Most people realize that etiquette and good manners are essential to anything that involves social interaction. There is no other place where basic social etiquette is as magnified as when dozens of people are sharing the same space on a bus. The bottom line is that good manners on the bus can lead to another rider or bus driver having a good or bad bus experience. Here is my best shot at compiling a list of do’s and don’t without being a nag. Is there any that you would take off this list or add?

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  1. Enter front, exit rear in order to help people get to their destinations as quickly and safely as possible. This works to prevent a traffic jam.
  1. When the bus is full, ensure that personal items are not taking away the seats from other passengers. Or better yet, limit the personal items that you take on the bus when possible.
  1. Keep doorway areas clear whenever possible. It is common to stand in the area around the rear door but this makes it more difficult for people to exit from those doors. Instead, it is better to sit and avoid standing in this area.
  1. Seats closest to the doors are for persons with disabilities and seniors and these people appreciate you offering these seats to them. Also, some people have disabilities that aren’t always obvious. If someone asks you to give up a seat because they have a disability, take their word for it.
  1. When you are near your destination, start moving towards the nearest vehicle exit doors to reduce stopping time and to make your exit less difficult (especially inside a crowded bus).
  1. Have your fare ready before a bus arrives at the stop. If you cannot find it right away, step to the side and letting others board first. This ensures that the bus stop time is limited and the bus can continue along its scheduled route time.
  1. Nobody likes to get left behind and to prevent this, passenger should move to the rear of the bus. We all have places we need to be and want to go in a timely manner and not everyone has time to wait for the second or even third bus. You would be surprised how much more space could be made for more passengers if all the people standing moved all the way to the rear of the bus.
  1. Whatever you bring onto public transit also leaves with you as you exit. Bring your trash with you and dispose of it properly into a trash can or recycling bin. This helps keep the bus clutter free for other passengers.
  1. Do not attempt to stop a bus after it has pulled into traffic. Bus Operators are not permitted to open doors or allow passengers to board away from bus stops. This also allows for the bus to maintain its regular scheduled timing.
  1. Greet your bus driver and say thanks! Many people have complaints about bus driver attitude and maybe bus drivers would be friendlier if the passengers were friendly as well.
  1. Accept that taking the bus makes you part of a community. While many like to be left alone, many like to meet new people. Why not chat with the old lady next to you? These small positive interactions are what make taking the bus great.

Photo credit: New York Daily News Archive


One thought on “Bus Rider Etiquette

  1. #5 If you have to stand in the back doorway, when the bus stops and people are trying to get off, get off the bus and hold the door. Once everyone is off the bus, get back on. Trying to “make yourself skinny” while blocking the door way doesn’t work.


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