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Is BRT a new Sandwich at Tim Hortons?

 No. Bus rapid transit is a bus based mass transit system. A BRT system generally has specialized design, services and infrastructure to improve system quality and remove the typical causes of delay. Sometimes described as a “surface subway”, BRT aims to combine the capacity and speed of light rail or a metro with the flexibility, lower cost and simplicity of a bus system

Why is BRT relevant to Saskatoon?

Saskatoon is growing and so is the demand for fast and efficient transportation. Cars and roadways are an expensive, space wasting and inefficient solution. That is why the City of Saskatoon is looking to plan for a more efficient transit system that will alleviate congestion and promote accessibility. Their current citizen engagement project called Growing Forward! Shaping Saskatoon! Is exploring rapid transit options that would serve as the spine of Saskatoon Transit services. Instead of light rail, Saskatoon is following in the footsteps of many other Canadian cities like Winnipeg and Gatineau and looking into Bus Rapid Transit.

What would make BRT faster than other buses?

  • Alignment in the centre of the road (to avoid typical curb-side delays)
  • Limited stops
  • Stations with off-board fare collection (to reduce boarding and delay related to paying the driver)
  • Station platforms level with the bus floor (to reduce boarding and alighting delay caused by steps)
  • Bus priority at intersections (to avoid intersection signal delay)

How many cities have implemented BRT systems?

186 cities worldwide on all continents

What are some ways to evaluate if the BRT is working well after implemented?

Local passenger demand is a good indicator if the system is efficient.

Sources: Wikipedia and City of Saskatoon

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Sources: Wikipedia and City of Saskatoon


3 thoughts on “BRT F.A.Q

  1. I think this is a good idea, but they should have one of these corridors on 33rd St. as well. This route is as busy as the one on 22nd St. and 8th St.


  2. Originally the service had the #1 & #4 leaving the west side at 33rd st & Ave W & getting downtown every 15 minutes but then they decided to change the time on the main route (the #1) & t the 2 buses got downtown at the same time.


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